My Neighbors Aren’t Prostitutes

Causes have a way of sweeping me away with them. I love to have conversations about the water crisis in the developing world, and the horrors of sex trafficking worldwide. If I’m being honest, though, all that talk doesn’t usually translate into action.

The causes we hear about the most are big and far away. Sex trafficking in Cambodia is a tragic, awful thing, but I don’t live in Cambodia. What can I do from my apartment in the suburbs? Giving money doesn’t feel like it’s worth much, and I’m pretty sure that’s not what Jesus meant when he said love your neighbor anyway. So that’s where I get stuck. Why bother if I can’t do anything important?

I definitely don’t have this all figured out yet, but I’ve decided not to let myself off the hook while I’m working through it.  I’m going to do something crazy and try to love my real life neighbors – the ones in my building.


It looks pretty much like this in my head – don’t ruin it for me yet.

We may not have a prostitution problem in the suburbs, but we have way too much isolation and loneliness. We are starved for community, and I’m part of the problem. Honestly, the last three places I’ve lived I never knew a single one of my neighbors by name. And that’s not cool. So my husband and I have decided to get to know our neighbors this time around. Maybe we’ll even have them over and we can all get to know each other. Maybe the best way to start loving our neighbors right now is to actually meet them.

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